Ella McVeigh (United Kingdom)

April 26, 2022
Ella McVeigh (United Kingdom)

"In our everyday work, we come across hundreds of artists weekly via instagram, gallery shows or art fairs. Rarely has an artist struck me more than when I first laid eyes on Ella McVeigh's paintings.

In her short career, "Ella McVeigh (b. 1992 United Kingdom) has created a strong body of experimental work which lingers between the figurative and the abstract. Her intricate works feel like ancient reliefs of foliage and shapes steeped with an uncanny sensation. Her practice comes from a desire to depict chaos and order as a unified state and is based on a combination of drawings and visual ideas. Through a daily routine of drawing, she builds on disparate concepts and notions until they feel complete. Taking inspiration from widespread sources in her immediate environment and bolstered by books on natural history and topography, she has created an idiosyncratic oeuvre which is always in motion." - Newchild Gallery

Ella’s paintings are webbed with art history, the role of nature in art-making, and the possibilities and meaning of painting today. Starting primarily from found imagery of the natural world, she explores painting as a mental performance of visual decision-making. These images are taken from an array of sources, ranging from studio shots of flower arrangements to encyclopaedias on minerals and geology. McVeigh selects, articulates, and in some way binds up what she has grasped in the exterior world and pairs it with her own interior world. She sees in abstract painting vast potential for exploration on a material, and uses amorphous structures and intense colour planes to probe the limits of coherent image formation. The viewer is left with his or her own interpretation which creates strong sense of individual emotional connection to her work.

In her enigmatic paintings, we experience the presence of the exterior world as well as the transformation of all sensory experiences into imagery of new morphologies. Whereas most artists practice through preliminary studies, she constructs and deconstructs directly onto the canvas, seemingly building on old ruins.

Her work has already caught the attention of major dealers and collectors, including the White Cube gallery and Josh Lillley who both included her in online shows in 2020.

Look out for her to experience strong demand and representation in the years to come."

Country: United Kingdom / Market: Emerging / Prices: 5 000 - 20 000 USD

by Raphael Tecucianu

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