Jean Miotte (France)

January 13, 2023
Jean Miotte (France)
Post-war Paris was arguably the most exciting artistic hub in Europe in the mid 20th century. Artists were flooding in from all parts of the world, including Eastern Europe, Asia, and America... all wanting to dive in and join the experimentation of abstract art. Many of these artists are now recognised across the globe for their artistic advancements and impact on art history as we know it. However, every once in a while, when digging into old exhibition catalogs we stumble onto a familiar name, one that makes us stop and wonder why they are not more internationally recognised? This was the case of Jean Miotte for us.

Miotte was an absolute star in the early years of his artistic journey. Considered one of the most talented abstract painters of the 1950s, Miotte boosted an impressive career that culminated in many achievements, including being the first western artist invited to exhibit their work in Beijing after the death of Mao. From Paris to Hamburg and on to New York, Miotte had many studios throughout his life. Close to American painters such as Sam Francis, Miotte's style can be described as Action painting, just as much as it inscribes itself in the linear succession of the Lyrical Abstraction alongside his french contemporaries. In an informal way, Miotte could be described as the most American of the french painters.

Jean Miotte’s paintings now hang in the world's most famous and prestigious institutions, such as the MoMA, the Guggenheim in New York, the Ludwig Museum in Cologne, and the Museum of Modern Art in Paris.

Over the past few years, Miotte’s work has started to gain more interest from prominent collectors, and one can feel an energy building around the rediscovery of his work. At Candid House Projects, we expect a big year for the artist, and we look forward to placing more of his artwork with our collectors. The estate of Jean Miotte is currently represented by the terrific team at Galerie Diane de Polignac, with whom Candid House Projects is glad to be working very closely.

Country: France / Market: Established / Prices: 20 000 - 190 000 USD

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